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After uploading this photo with her in a Tony Stark shirt, Spiranac also cracked the joke seen in the caption. Paige Spiranac has definitely uploaded some photos of herself online where she seems more than comfortable showing off some skin. It's reported on Blair's official website that she averages yards per drive, which means that her muscles definitely have practical use as well as being aesthetically pleasing! Which is where this photo also happens to have been taken. Blair O'Neal's accomplished carer as a model and golfer has also landed her in the sights of Sports Illustrated who put her in the Swimsuit Edition of the magazine from But you may be among the majority if when asked, you come back with the answer of Christmas.

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Spiranac also expressed her frustration that the bullying didn't just stop with her, but also extended to some of her immediate family.

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41 Hot Pictures Of Blair O’Neal – Professional Golfer Will Prove Love At First Sight To You

When sharing this tremendous T-Shirt on her Instagram account, Paige also included a sentiment that we're sure you can relate to "I've had to stop so I don't finish it all in a couple days haha". When she was interviewed about the experience of working with the magazine, Spiranac stated that she was in "disbelief" that she was chosen. I have to pinch myself. Considering Blair's captivating good looks, not to mention tremendous personality and interests outside of the physical, you can imagine she got approached by plenty of people during her time there. Though when Spiranac uploaded the photo online, it was to point out the hilarious similarity between the colour of her dress and the colour of the doors behind her. This includes going on to attend Arizona State Univesity.

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