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Maybe I'd have my answer for Ken in the morning. And when we have a match and I lose, he smiles, winks at me and says, 'Ryu, you can't beat me like that! She sighed with worry before she turned around and went back to her home. A chuckle came from her right and the lights snapped to life, lighting the entire dojo and revealing no one but Viper herself. A young woman around her age, a scar on her cheek, stunning eyes, a muscular but feminine body though not quite like her own.

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Chun-Li stepped forward with a smirk on her face licking her lips as she walked toward stopped in front of him and said in a seductive voice, "well well Ryu, long time no see".

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My mistresses are Viper and Cammy! By the door she retrieved her briefcase and poured over her files. That lie detector is still on, girl. He loosened his hug a little, only to look up at me, poking his chin into my stomach. He's been stalking me non-stop for the past few hours since this reunion began. I say we do it… now. Now, here's my dare:

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sex street fighter fan fiction
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sex street fighter fan fiction
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